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First words: Chelsea new boy Pato revels in his dream move coming true

Regardless of what we may think of the Pato signing, one thing is abundantly clear after watching him smile his way through his first interview with Chelsea TV*, the dude's genuinely excited to be here and to get his chance. Ridiculously, perhaps even overly excited. So that's nice. We may not ever get any decent return on our investment, but we'll always have this.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Today, the dream is true. Every day I dream that one day I come to Europe. Chelsea give me my dream. I'm ready for Chelsea, the fans, my teammates; I'm so happy today. After years, days, hours, I'm here. I'm very very happy.

It's very very special. Chelsea for me is #1 in England and the world. I am so excited to play, to touch the ball, to wear the shirt of Chelsea. I'm ready!

I [already] know Willian. I played with him [when we were young] and in the Brazil national team. Oscar, also from the national team. Kenedy I met yesterday [for the first time], but I've [watched] him on TV. I know Amelia; I played against Hazard in the Olympic Games. I'm here, and excited to play with friends [...] train at Cobham and play at Stamford Bridge.

When I go to social media, I see the fans for Chelsea welcome [me]. This for me is special. The dream [has come] true. I'm here just to [live] my dream. Just to play. Just to put on the shirt of Chelsea. It's the best!

I mean, come on. That's some next level excitement.

Pato also posted a lovely message on his Instagram, as his dream of returning to Europe comes to fruition.

* As usual, these first interviews are also tragic reminders of the continuing disconnect between Chelsea's video department and the modern realities of the Internet. Any particular reason why this interview, which should get people excited and happy for Pato, is hidden behind the usual Fan Plus+ paywall? There's not even a teaser of it on the official YouTube channel? One day, one day, maybe we'll step into the 21st century...

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