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Crystal Palace 0-3 Chelsea, Premier League: Post-match reaction

Ian Walton/Getty Images

On Sunday, Chelsea did the unthinkable, and won their second away game of the season. For those of you who have forgotten what that means, the Blues got three whole points for outscoring Crystal Palace, which moves them all the way up to 14th in the Premier league table.

Things didn't start all that well for the Blues, who looked uncomfortable for the first fifteen minutes or so in the driving rain, and also lost Eden Hazard to a non-contact injury. One brilliantly worked goal later, though, and the Blues looked (sort of) similar to the Chelsea team that ran away with the league title last season, and had this one put to bed with 30 minutes left to play.

Chelsea will now have three matches at home before heading to North London to derail Arsenal's season, giving them a bit of an opportunity to use this improved form to win back a few fans. They should be able to do just that if they keep playing the way they did on Sunday, here are a few brief thoughts following the win:

  • 2016 is starting much more pleasantly than 2015 ended, isn't it? Well, except for the weather...
  • Eden Hazard's injury would be far more concerning if he hadn't been absolutely terrible thus far this season. The way his season has been going, though, it might not hurt Chelsea at all if he's out for an extended period of time.
  • Willian is amazing. That's all.
  • I get the feeling Kurt Zouma spends most of his free time chasing down and slide tackling chickens throughout the streets of London.
  • John Obi Mikel and Cesc Fabregas looked like an actual, quality midfield today pairing today. Nemanja Matic may have some work to do in training to earn his way back into the side.
  • It's nice to see Diego Costa playing well, again. I really don't want to be forced to ever cheer for Jamie Vardy.
  • Winning is more fun than not losing, which is more fun than losing. We should try to do that more.

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