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Alexandre Pato can't wait to play for Chelsea

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Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Alexandre Pato arrived in London a few hours ago to finish his loan move to Chelsea until the end of the season. In an interview to Sky Sports, he made it clear that he's quite eager to play for the Blues.

"I am so happy - Chelsea is my new home. Thanks Chelsea for the support and thanks for my fans and my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook followers."

"I need to play. I don't know what to say because I am so happy. I am very anxious. I want to know my new friends, the new players, and the team. I really want to play for Chelsea."

-Alexandre Pato; Source: Sky Sports via Inside Futbol

For Pato, this is perhaps his last shot at playing football in a high-level environment. For Chelsea, the player is a low-risk move with potentially high reward if he can find his form from the Internacional and AC Milan years as well as keeping his head focused on the job.

Best of luck to Pato, and may he do his best to prove any doubters wrong in his spell at the Bridge.