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Guus Hiddink finally provides long-awaited update on Didier Drogba's return to Chelsea

Clive Mason/Getty Images

It had gone all quiet on the Didier Drogba front for the last couple weeks, as the hottest Chelsea rumor of this transfer window slowly petered out thanks to convoluted MLS contract rules and a convoluted job definition for the legend's return. And also, quite possibly, because Didier seeing out his commitment to Montreal is simply the right thing to do.

Drogba has one more year left on his contract.  Our door will always be open for him, so there's really no need to rush things.  Obviously this also gives time for Didier to actually get certified and acquire (some of) his coaching badges.

Montreal are set to begin their training camp today (Monday) though Drogba won't be joining until the third week for whatever reason.  Apparently he's off to Qatar first.

Don't selfie and drive, Didier, gosh!

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