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Hiddink and Terry dreaming of fourth place again after massive win against Arsenal

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Arsenal may have won the Community Shield way back in August (and may still threaten to win a long-overdue Premier League title), but it's Chelsea who've had the upper hand in this particular matchup since, just as we've had the upper hand for many many years now.  Which is especially hilarious given our otherwise atrocious season.

Obviously, confidence was high after the massive 1-0 win on Sunday.  High enough even that we're once again back to dreaming about fourth place.

"Anything is do-able. Everybody is beating everybody else. It is a tough league and if we put a run together we have a good chance [at fourth]. We will fight until there are no points to play for."

-John Terry; source: Mail

"If the captain says yes then we follow the captain! It's a gap but if you see the results in the Premier League, how competitive all the teams are, it's unpredictable which means all teams can beat all teams. With the gap it's difficult but when the captain says that I will follow my captain."

-Guus Hiddink; source: Mail

Delusions of grandeur aside, it was certainly a good enough performance to follow on from the emotional high of last week's comeback and last-gasp equalizer.  Cesc Fàbregas and Diego Costa were once again influencing things as expected, and even before the red card (especially before the red card), we looked to attack and control.  Even Nemanja Matic looked something far more useful than useless!  And another clean sheet away from home.

"I am very pleased with the attitude of the team. I'm also pleased with the way the team tried to play - it was not just reactive, but proactive in the first part of the first half."

"We showed ambition to go forwards. We had one or two good chances through Willian. The team showed its ambition and that was pleasing against an opponent who are very skilful even with one man down. They always have the ability to surprise so we were very pleased to see the attitude and also the way of playing."

"The only thing you can criticise is that we didn't go for the kill to make it 2-0. There were a lot of options in both halves and then there could be a loose ball from a corner or whatever which could have caused an equaliser. That's the only thing we didn't do that we can be critical of."

-Guus Hiddink; source: Chelsea FC

Unbeaten in eight straight and up to 13th in the table — rarefied air not tasted since the middle of October, 14 matches ago — could we finally have reached the turning point?

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