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Maybe there is time for a fast-train: Mendes calls Mourinho letter story 'absolute nonsense'

Dear Santa...
Dear Santa...
Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho's been out of a job for a little over five weeks.  He just might be going stir-crazy by now.  Would that be enough for him to take up the ancient art-form of letter writing and pen a six-page (6!) letter to Manchester United?  That was the bombshell that Miguel Delaney dropped on an unsuspecting football world yesterday morning.

Quite the scoop!

Conscious of opposition to his appointment among some of the Old Trafford hierarchy, Mourinho has written a six-page letter explaining how much he desires the job and would be willing to conform to club principles, as well as offering a detailed plan for the team, sources say.

-source: ESPN

The timing of this story, given Manchester United's arguably worst performance of the season in the home loss to Southampton earlier in the day, is probably no coincidence.  Unfortunately, whoever's feeding Miguel this story may not be peddling the whole and complete truth.

"It doesn't cross anyone's mind that a manager such José Mourinho is writing letters to clubs, asking for a job. It's ridiculous and absolutely nonsense."

-Jorge Mendes; source: Gestifute

Of course it's entirely conceivable that behind the scenes, Mendes and Delaney's sources are working together and co-ordinating this whole charade.  Either way, the world's talking about it, so mission accomplished.

Mourinho to Manchester United still looks like an inevitability, unfortunately.

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