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Watch: New and improved 3D render of new Stamford Bridge

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The recent news on the potential Wembley groundshare between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur reminded me of an email I received a week or so ago from a certain Neil Vano. You may recall the name as the person behind the first (unofficial) 3D render of the new Stamford Bridge.

Since the full planning application was submitted and made available to the public as well, Neil has been able to go back and greatly improve the animation (see video at the top), as well as generate several rendered shots of what the inside of the stadium might look like (see video at the bottom).

As before, the best soundtrack accompanies the video. If our previous deep dive into the planning application wasn't enough to whet your appetite for the new build, or if the current season's malaise has tempered your excitement a bit, perhaps this will restore some of it. The cross-section shots are especially cool.

Thanks Neil!