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Dude Perfect come to England, do trick shots with Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester City stars

Dude Perfect are five YouTube-famous dudes from Texas who are fairly well known — and we're talking many tens of millions of views on YouTube — for their trick shots and other video series, such as the pick-up basketball or gym stereotypes. Bite-sized, joyful, high energy, and tremendously entertaining, perfect for the Internet. It's one of those things that sounds silly when explained (that's because it is silly, actually), but then you watch one and watch another and watch another and next thing you know you were supposed to be done writing a blog post like two hours ago.

Obviously, most of their trick shot videos concern either football or basketball. As they've gotten more and more famous, they've been able to partner up with bigger and bigger NFL and NBA teams and athletes (plus Olympians, race car drivers, you name it). But now, they've finally done some proper football ones, too. Soccer! (They did visit Brazil last summer for the World Cup, and while that video is fun, it's mostly about and with freestylers.)

Unfortunately, the only Chelsea involvement, unless we count former shy guy Kevin De Bruyne, is Oscar, who alongside Spurs' Erik Lamela appears in the video (done in conjuction with Soccer AM) at the top. That video is good, but it's nowhere near as good as the trick shot video they did with City and Arsenal (see below), or the bubble football match they played against Manchester City legends. Of course, City TV and Arsenal TV are lightyears ahead of Chelsea TV in terms of fan engagement and content, so it's not surprising to see them partner up with Dude Perfect for their visit.

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