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Abramovich 'personally assures' contract extension for Branislav Ivanovic — report

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Listen up!  The Daily Mail's got news.

And you might want to be sitting down for this, for it is sure to be received with universal adoration, approval, and rejoicing!  I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself in your overzealous celebration of further confirmation of a Chelsea legend's impending contract extension.

Ivanovic "Hazard, gooaaalll!"

That's right.  Legend.  With a capital 'L'.

Roman Abramovich has personally assured Branislav Ivanovic he has a future at Chelsea.


Despite talk that a deal was already agreed, defender Ivanovic was given the offer of a one-year contract extension in writing only this week after a chat with owner Abramovich.

-source: Mail

The Times reported earlier this week that eight-year Chelsea veteran Ivanovic, who equalled former legendary teammate Ashley Cole's number of club appearances on Saturday at 338, had verbally "agreed terms" of a contract extension.  The Mail's report now adds to that, claiming personal assurances from the very top of the Chelsea pyramid.  The one-year extension is of course de rigueur at Chelsea for players over 30, regardless of stature, history, or prospects.

Many will claim that Ivanovic has absolutely zero prospects left at the club, and he should hibernate off to Manchester City or AC Milan or a cold, dark cave on Antarctica or whatever other teams he may have been tenuously linked with recently, but those I say, watch your step!  You don't want to poke a bear.

Ivanovic no

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