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Willian on keeping a smile on his face, playing his best football, and wanting a new contract to continue living the Chelsea dream

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Given the reprehensible parameters of Chelsea's 2015-16 season, Willian's big weekend interview of course contains many of the usual words we've heard from the players many, many times this season.  Work hard, fight hard, don't give up, etc, etc, etc.  But there are a few more interesting bits, too.

Such as the joke about the Oscar vs. Diego Costa bust-up...

"I am going to give them (boxing) gloves next time."

Or keeping a smile on his face despite all the nonsense that has gone on this season...

"Without any doubt it is hard to keep positive when everything is happening, but this is part of football. You lose one game, you know you have the next. You have to keep moving forward, stay positive so you can do better. But we do know that our situation is not a comfortable one. We know that we need to make more wins to go up the table."


"The smile will always stay on my face, independent of what we are going through. I will always have a smile there."

Or his clear desire to extend his contract and continue living the Chelsea dream...

"...since I arrived in Chelsea the first year I started here I was at one level, then I went up to another level and now I am getting here (raises his hand higher). Independently of what the team is doing I always try to do my best and do everything to give the best that I can give."


"I am very happy here. When I was playing in Ukraine I wanted to come here so coming here was the realisation of a dream. Of course, I want to stay. But at the same time my head is quite calm. I am just going to see how things go. I'm happy."

"The club knows exactly how I feel and I leave it up to my agent to deal with it (the contract) and deal with it with the club. My agent knows exactly how I feel."

Be sure to click over to the Telegraph and read the rest of the lovely interview with Chelsea's star of the season.  There are not many things to be happy about in this most reprehensible of seasons, but Willian's breakout campaign, finally justifying his £30m transfer fee three years ago, is certainly one of them.

G'wan, Big Willi Style.  Let's get that extension done!

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