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Pato resolution expected in 'two or three days' as Spurs join Chelsea and Liverpool in the duck-hunt

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

The Alexandre Pato rumors have accelerated onto the scene faster than the player used to leave defenses for dead back in the days before his hamstrings and various other leg muscles realized that he was doing things not normally allowed by human soft tissues.  Granted, he has seemingly put a few largely injury-free seasons together in Brazil recently, making more appearances in the last three seasons (150+) than the previous six combined, but the narrative is the narrative and the stigma is the stigma.

Reaction to the (strong?) possibility that Chelsea would sign him up, a possibility enabled by the utter failure of our other reclamation project, Falcao, and the continuing poorly timed injuries of Loïc Rémy, has been largely negative.  Pato would not command high wages (£1.75m annual salary, even after taxes, wouldn't be a big hit) and he's theoretically still young, or at least younger than our other three first-team strikers, but it's unclear what exact purpose he'd serve other than an expensive and redundant stopgap.  Perhaps in-line with such questions, some rumors have this down as a 6-month loan with an option to purchase in the summer, which, I suppose is an easier arrangement to accept.

The one thing that seems clear is that this thing is moving fast and we may have a resolution as soon as the end of this weekend.  Here's Corinthians coach Tite speaking to journalists at their Pato-less pre-season camp on Thursday.

"Maybe in two or three days, you (journalists) will have an answer (about Pato). I will not need to [say anything]."

-Tite; source: Globo Esporte

Whether we end up doing this transfer that would've set the football world alight five years ago remains to be seen.  Fortunately, we probably won't have to wait too long to see the outcome, whatever it may be.

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