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Just like old times: FA charge Chelsea for refereeing incompetence

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Like your favorite comfy chair, which carries the impression of your sizable behind rather permanently after many, many years of crushed fibers and fill, here come The FA's soft cushions to massage our gluteus maximus once again.  And by soft cushions I mean charges and fines.  Take it away, Cardinal Fang.

Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion have both been charged for failing to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion.

The charge relates to an incident which occurred in or around the 58th minute of their fixture on Wednesday 13 January 2016.

Both clubs have until 6pm on 20 January 2016 to respond to the charge.

-source: The FA

The incident in the 58th minute is of course Claudio Yacob's third yellow card-worthy challenge.  Everybody in the stadium assumed Yacob would get his marching orders at that point (even his manager Tony Pulis), so unsurprisingly, when Taylor awarded a free kick but no card (again!), tempers flared.  It was nothing you haven't seen before, and The FA might do well to not draw further attention to that hilariously bad decision, but whatever.  Both teams gathered around (4-5 from each side), though mostly barracked the referee rather than each other.   What the Baggies were chirping about is anyone's guess (Fletcher, McClean ringleaders), but they no doubt also hurt the poor referee's feelings, and so they're charged just the same.

There's no word on whether The FA charged Anthony Taylor for failing to ensure he refereed the match in a competent manner.

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