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Thibaut Courtois: Drawing to West Bromwich was very disappointing

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Our draw to West Bromwich at home last night was nearly as frustrating as a loss to one of our major rivals, or would have been had our Premier League season not been effectively over for several months. Chelsea managed to get ahead in the score-sheet twice, but wound up giving away the lead both times, leaving fans annoyed with yet more dropped points.

Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is as disappointed with the result as the fans, especially with West Bromwich's antics and Anthony Taylor's failure to send midfielder Claudio Yacob to the dressing room early in the game.

"We're very disappointed. It was a game we wanted to win. It was a tough game with them playing only long balls, [playing for] second balls, trying to provoke players."

"It was a bit frustrating. We tried to do our best, we came back but sadly they got the second goal. I think he [Yacob] should have been sent off. Their manager took the player off one second after the foul so I think everybody knows that was clear."

West Bromwich's two goals came off after mistakes from Chelsea players, with the first one as glaring as to force Pedro out of the pitch in the second half due to his poor performance overall. To Courtois, Chelsea are still under bad luck, something that has been an ongoing theme this season.

"They were a bit unlucky. The first, Pedro wanted to come inside and play the ball but it took a touch to Gardner and he hit a fantastic shot. The second came after a free-kick, we tried to head it clear, the ball touched our player and the shot went in the corner again."

"They were unlucky and that's the position we are in at the moment. They were goals maybe last year we didn't concede because we were up top, and now they are the kind of goals you concede because you are down there."

"We have to keep on fighting, we have Everton now which will be a difficult game as well but we have to fight for every game and every point."

-Thibaut Courtois; Source: Chelsea FC

Chelsea have yet to string two consecutive wins in the Premier League this season and every result that isn't a win for the Blues drastically reduces our top-four aspirations. Next up are Everton, in a match that can be a huge challenge to take upon or a walk in the park - depending on which side of each team decide to show next weekend.

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