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Tony Pulis agrees, Claudio Yacob should have seen red against Chelsea

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink joked about Anthony Taylor's decision to allow Cladio Yacob to remain on the pitch as the Blues drew against West Brom, despite Yacob committing several obvious yellow card offenses while already in the book. Apparently, West Brom manager Tony Pulis agrees, noting that Yacob probably should have been sent off during his post-match remarks:

"I thought he was lucky on the second one, the one where Anthony has given a free-kick, although there was definitely a coming together, so we were a little bit fortunate then and I just did not want to take a risk."

"If you have a look at the stats, I think in the first half of the season we have had more decisions go against us than any other club in the Premier League, so it is nice to get one that goes for us."

Pulis admitting the obvious won't do anything about the result, that came down to the Blues making things far too easy for the Baggies, and two inch-perfect shots that left Thibaut Courtois with no chance. It does make me a bit less annoyed with the situation, though, because if nothing else, Pulis recognizes that things probably could have been a whole lot different with a competent referee.

Unfortunately, things probably would have been a whole lot different with a Chelsea squad earning their paychecks, as well. That's something we haven't seen in a while, though.

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