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Wherein we learn that Guus Hiddink is not Eden Hazard's mother

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Eden Hazard's 2015-16 season has been largely forgettable, with our reigning Player of the Year still looking for his first goal of the season and the 50th goal of his Chelsea career.  The 49th sealed Chelsea's 2014-15 Premier League title against Crystal Palace.  That was 30 games ago.

When Mourinho was still in charge, it was easy to point the finger at the manager, but after two hours of football under Hiddink, the situation has not shown many signs of improvement.  In fact, with nagging injuries mounting while the rest of the squad is starting to right the ship, Hazard's season, personally, is badly in need of a bit of a turnaround as well.  The interim manager's main purpose is of course to guide Chelsea to a more respectable league position alongside improved performances (especially in the cups), but getting Eden back to his previous form wouldn't go amiss either.

"I'm not his mother, they get proper attention. They all have an individual approach. One needs a lash, another needs an arm. Another one needs to be pinched a bit. It's different but we give him time to come back to his level."

"For me it's about freshness. If your mind is fresh and players are eager to step up and enjoy training that's a signal of freshness. He has won trophies but this season he has had some physical problems."

"Yesterday was the Ballon d'Or and you see the freshness of the players who win the Ballon d'Or - they are playing like youngsters. That's what we are aiming for with him. He has to enjoy it and get rid of the physical problems then he will come into his normal shape."

"I think for the Ballon d'Or, you have to establish yourself over more seasons [than just one]. Hazard is capable in the future but there are other demands."

-Guus Hiddink; Source: FourFourTwo

There was a time, not too long ago, that Hazard was threatening to be in the same stratosphere as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.  Now, he's not even in the same level of conversation as the Neymars and Bales.  It's been a very quick fall from grace, almost as quick as Chelsea's, and whether that's because of mental (Hiddink sure seems to hint at some motivational issues here, which is hardly the first time someone's done that) or physical issues (given the constant fouling and now injuries), Hazard might be facing a tough road to get back to that level.

Throughout his many jobs, Hiddink has never been one to coddle too much, though perhaps he's mellowed a bit as he's gotten older.  Still, Hazard shouldn't expect any special treatment like he may have gotten under Mourinho.  He's going to have to work as hard as the rest for his spot.

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