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Guardiola apologizes for Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United rumors

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Current Bayern Munich manager and future not-Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola has been causing a bit of a media circus with his comments about his future.

Widely assumed to be heading to Manchester City, with perhaps just a tiny bit of chance remaining of a late switch to Chelsea, some have considered Guardiola's comments and actions a bit unprofessional and have accused him of placing undue pressure on the current managers of said clubs.  Though with Hiddink clearly just an interim appointment, it's probably just Manuel Pellegrini who's a bit upset about all this.  He does tend to get miffed.

Still, Guardiola felt necessary to apologize for being so sought after and for being such a big deal and for creating this rumor-storm.  Well, at least that latter bit.

"I am sorry. Normally in my career as a trainer and as a player, I respect my colleagues a lot. So I am sorry. It wasn't my intention. I will reveal my new club once I have actually signed a contract."

"I have not talked with the players about my imminent move to England. We are only talking about football. But they all already know anyway."

-Pep Guardiola; source: London 24

Despite the "apology", I'm not sure Guardiola's comments will accomplish any of his apparent aims of easing any pressure on English managers.  Fortunately, they also leave possibilities other than Manchester City open, too.

Maybe Chelsea still have a chance!?

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