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Chelsea vs. Scunthorpe United, FA Cup: Half-time report

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Chelsea have the lion's share of possession, shots, tackles, impetus, and everything else, but it's only 1-0 at the half against resolute little Scunthorpe United, who have often defended with all eleven men behind the ball.

The Blues have had to be patient against the massed ranks of yellow shirts, working the ball side-to-side from flank-to-flank looking for an opening.  There haven't been many, and the occasional inaccuracy from Willian and Costa have been frustrating.  But there have also been several wonderful passages of play and a wonderful (and/or lucky) finish from Diego for our opening goal that came from — and this is no joke — a great Branislav Ivanović cross (who had another later that Pedro spurned).

Most of the little threat that the visitors have possessed have come from set pieces, which often are the great equalizer for lower league sides.  Which is also why Chelsea will have to push on and try to get a few more goals.  Especially as the visitors appeared to grow a bit in confidence as the half wore on.

Given the slightly disappointing lineup full of most of the usual first-team suspects, with the youth only on the bench, a few more goals would be most welcome.  The boys do look motivated, which can be an issue in such games.  The effort levels of many, like Oscar and Azpilicueta, are patently visible.

In any case, more of the same and Chelsea's spot in the 4th round should be assured.

Come on, Chelsea!

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