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Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City on alert as Lewandowski 'wants a new challenge'

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

After just two seasons with Bayern Munich, apparently Robert Lewandowski has had enough of winning everything in sight and is "understood" to be looking for a new challenge once the summer arrives.  While this expected move is coincident with manager Pep Guardiola also leaving (and probably heading to the Premier League), that apparently has nothing to do with the striker's (expected) decision.  At least that's what Miguel Delaney's "exclusive" claims.

Then again, it doesn't take much of a leap to make this a package deal, striker and manager taking a new league together by storm.  Which would give the obvious advantage to whoever ends up with Guardiola.

...Lewandowski wants a new challenge. At 27, he also wants to experience a new league while he is in the prime of his career.

-source: Independent

The fee for the free-scoring center forward is expected to be an eye-watering £70m, though with the ridiculous amounts of money flowing into the Premier League, such outrageous sums no longer seem so outrageous.  Hurray for inflation!

As sensational as this all sounds, it would not be surprising at all if Chelsea looked for major reinforcements like a Lewandowski this summer, especially if those pesky rumors about Diego Costa returning to Spain come true.

Stay tuned.

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