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Cahill expects to be wearing his mask for at least another month

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Perhaps it's just that we watch them more than any other team, but over he past few years, Chelsea have felt like the most mask-happy side in the country. From Fernando 'Zorres' Torres to Ramires to Cesc Fabregas to Gary Cahill, the Blues seem to invite enough facial injuries to stage a masquerade ball.

Obviously, players having to wear protective masks isn't great -- at best they're distracting and at worst they limit how well you can see --, but at least it now feels like Chelsea tradition. And if you enjoy watching our players pretend to be Batman, good news!

I’ve got to wear it maybe another month or couple of months. I’d rather it not be there. It protects your nose, which is the main thing, but vision-wise it’s better if it’s not there. You put something on your face and you know that it’s there, you’re always aware, so it’s not ideal. But if I got another smash on it, it would be all over the place.

"It [his nose] doesn’t feel too bad but it’s broken in two places. You can’t really see, because it’s not out of joint. The blow at Man City was the one that finished it off."

-Source: West London Sport.

Gary Cahill is going to be Zahill for a while, then.

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