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Chelsea prospect Islam Feruz looking to shed 'unfair' bad-boy reputation at Hibernian

We often wonder just how much players pay attention to their own press.  Presumably, for the sake of their own sanity, it's not much.  But even if they ignore the coverage, inevitably, they will get asked questions that relate to public perception.  Or they can pick it up from their agent, their coaches, etc.

In any case, regardless of how Islam Feruz learned of his reputation as a "troublemaker" and a bad seed, he is clearly well aware of it.  Though he thinks it's a bit unfair.

"Most of the things that have happened were three of four years ago when I was really young. So to obviously carry those things along three of four years down the line is a bit unfair."

"At the same time it's up to me to just ignore it all and instead to concentrate on doing well. I'm trying as hard as I can. Training as hard as I can. I'm just trying to get match fit."

-Islam Feruz; source: STV

Feruz is spending this season back 'home' in Scotland, with second division Hibernian.  He's spoken of rediscovering his work ethic towards the second half of last season, and despite all the troubles, and failed loans, too, he's retained (or regained) his confidence and self-esteem.

"Can I still be a first-team player at Chelsea? Of course I can - I know I can do a job there. I played in the first-team in pre-season two seasons ago under Jose Mourinho. I have a long term-contract (until 2018) and it's up to me to do well with my loan spell and get back on that path. But I've always believed in myself and my ability as footballer even during the past couple of years."

-Islam Feruz; source: Mail

Ambitious from the 19-year-old, I suppose.  But, good luck!

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