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Pedro: Chelsea move 'will be very good for me' to play major role for Spain at Euro 2016

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

These aren't exactly the most meaty, Earth-shattering quotes of all time, but I found the following words from Pedro interesting nonetheless.

"I am happy with how my time has started at Chelsea. When you have more minutes you can play at a different rhythm with more confidence and a different mentality. I am sure the move will be very good for me to play both at Chelsea and with the national team."

"The game yesterday was one of the best playing in our style. There was a lot of first-touch football and we were always looking to attack against a Slovakia side that hadn't lost a game. It is possibly our best game since the World Cup."

-Pedro; source: FIFA

It may not have been the best game for Diego Costa or Cesc Fabregas, but Pedro, unsurprisingly, fit in like a glove with the rest of the Barcelona boys.  Though the whole bit about "looking to attack" is a bit generous, considering that often Spain ended up overpassing and overelaborating in the final third.  That said, they were wholly dominant.

But that's not the part I found interesting.  It was the comment about using Chelsea as the springboard for a major role in the Spain squad.  Usually, we hear the exact opposite, players leaving precisely because they want to ensure they get enough playing time to make the national team ahead of some summer tournament.  But Pedro continues to run contrary to the usual storylines.  He came to Chelsea after being stuck on some other team's bench, rather than leaving Chelsea after being stuck on our bench.  And he's hoping to use Chelsea as the catalyst, rather than leaving to use some other team as the springboard to a major role in a national team.

Pedro Rodriguez, narrative-breaker, bringing balance to the force at the Evil Empire.  Just don't (almost-)kick any ball boys.

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