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Salah's lawyer promises to 'make kebabs in public in Firenze' if FIFA suspend his client

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

couple days ago Fiorentina washed their hands of the whole Salah saga and claimed that the matter now rests in the trusty, incorruptible hands of FIFA.  What they expect out of the governing body's decision is anyone's guess, but they probably would welcome some sanctions against the player and all the people who gave him "very bad advice", which no doubt was a chief culprit for all this drama.

While some, like his former international teammate Mido, himself no stranger to controversy, claim that Salah's intentions were purely to play in the Champions League, public behavior by other key stakeholders lend some weight to Fiorentina's suspicions.  Take Salah's lawyer (agent? member of the Salahntourage?), Ramy Abbas, who has featured prominently over the last few months.

Apparently he thinks it's good practice to fire public jibes at Fiorentina, which he's done repeatedly over the summer.  His latest headline-making comment comes from Twitter, where, after retweeting a protest banner against Fiorentina's management, he replied to a fan with the following.  (While the account is not verified, it's been assumed all summer to belong to the actual advisor to Salah.)

Well, actually, that sounds like a win-win for Fiorentina, for me.  They either get some extra compensation or at least vindication for this whole Salah affair, or they get some free(?) kebabs!  And who doesn't like kebabs?!  (Unless he just loans them to you with an option to buy.)

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