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Mohamed Salah Fiorentina-Roma-Chelsea saga far from over

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Get ready for more 'Do Fiorentina approve?' jokes, especially this coming winter, after La Viola's director Daniele Prade's latest claims regarding Mohamed Salah's situation.

"FIFA themselves gave Salah only a provisional transfer from here until December, and they'll make a ruling then."

"For our own part the Salah case is completely behind us."

-Daniele Prade; source: Football Italia

After much drama and hysterics this summer, Salah's loan to Roma was finally able to go ahead after FIFA gave their approval, but it would seem that the decision is hardly the end of this saga.  Fiorentina had even threatened legal action, and it sounds like something along those lines might still happen when FIFA reopen the case in the winter, and, presumably, hand out any punishment if deemed necessary.  There are no hints as to what potential sanctions may be.  Perhaps a fine or two? Maybe a transfer ban, in an extreme case?  That sure would be pretty tragic and silly for a player who couldn't quite impress on a consistent basis at Chelsea.

Where he did impress was Fiorentina of course, and Prade still sounds a bit bitter over the whole thing.  Hard to blame him for that, considering that they believed they had an agreement with the player for this coming season as well.

"Nobody could have imagined what the player had in mind during his six months in Florence."

"I never thought Salah's mind could have turned that way. I was wrong in saying that I was certain he'd stay with us in January. You never stop learning in this job, I never expected what happened. There was an abrupt turn in the player's mind. He was the one who wanted to sign the private agreement."

-Daniele Prade; source: Football Italia

I suspect FIFA's decision will hinge in large part over the details (and the legality, if any) of this "private" agreement.

Hurray for more Salah-drama!  (Not really.)

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