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Juventus chief warns Premier League over future Pogba bids

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Before we take a break for a few months from ogling and wanting Paul Pogba, let's have a few closing thoughts over this summer's transfer rumors from Juventus chief execute Beppe Marotta.  He's no doubt pleased with himself for managing to hang on to the superstar midfielder, even if his team are off to their worst start ever in Serie A.

"We've invested so much, partly because there were gaps in the squad. The departures of [Andrea] Pirlo and [Carlos] Tevez didn't generate any revenue, or very little, given their age."

"What I've noticed is that we're in a particular market, and next year values will increase by 30 or 40 per cent. I've noticed how the Premier League has become richer, and we've seen clubs buying players for what would have been crazy prices until recently, but are very normal today."

"Next year I predict even bigger deals. If Pogba maintains his level of performance from last year, then €100m will not be enough to get him."

-Beppe Marotta; source: Football Italia

Given that the Premier League is set to receive an additional £700 million from TV deals alone starting next season, Marotta is probably not wrong.  Though his €100m+ price tag on Pogba hardly carries any shock value right now, considering that numbers of up to €150m were already getting thrown around this summer.

Still, if we are to compete with Barcelona (and probably a few others) over Pogba's signature next summer, we better get to saving a few pennies in the piggy bank each day.

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