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FC Porto vs. Chelsea, Champions League: Half-time report

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

I had a fairly happy write up going following a first half in which Chelsea looked pretty good, and then the Blues went and conceded yet again, leaving themselves a 1-0 deficit going into the second half. Time to hastily rewrite something reflecting the deficit...

As has been the case for the vast majority of this season, the Blues have had quite a few opportunities to put themselves in control. Willian managed to strike very late, however, evening the score right before the halftime break. Time to rewrite this thing again, reflecting the 1-1 scoreline, a result Chelsea would probably take at full time...

The Blues have looked like the better side for the bulk of the first 45 minutes, pressing effectively, but struggling to start the counter quickly enough to get in behind the Porto defense. There's certainly reason to believe that they'll be able to take all three points home this evening in Portugal. Here's hoping they do just that.