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Better call the fire department, Mourinho just lit up Chelsea's biggest stars

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You better take cover.  And call 911/999.  Because here comes Mourinho, spitting hot fire.

"There are two sorts of champions. There are those who win something, and there are lots of them. But there are the other champions who, during their career, win one, two, three, four, five, 10 or 20 titles. In this club we have 25 champions from last year, but serial champions in this squad? John Terry, Jon Mikel [Obi] and [Branislav] Ivanovic are serial champions. Almost every season they have something in the pocket. But how many other serial champions do we have?"

You're too close to the fire!  You're too close, man! Too close!

"Last year we were champions, but the point for me is are we serial champions? Of course it's very difficult to win every season, but you can be a serial champion in your approach and your attitude. If we fight every minute of every game and in the end someone has two more points, then we don't go from champions to losers. Not at all. If you lose the Champions League final to Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain or Bayern Munich you are not a loser. Mentally I can say I am a serial champion. I can be five or 10 years without winning a title, but I will still be a serial champion in my approach and my attitude. This is the problem we have at this moment. We have champions, but not serial champions."


"Nobody understood it but when the Arsenal fans were singing against Chelsea last week and I was tapping my arm, I was saying: ‘Look at the shirts.' We have the [golden] Premier League badge on our shirts because we're champions. But one thing is to be champion once and another is the mentality. I don't demand that they're champions every season. In England that's impossible, especially at Chelsea because when we win the title it's the end of the world and nobody [outside the club] is happy. But you can be a serial champion in your attitude. And for me that's the point."

That burning sensation you might be feeling, Messrs. Hazard, Matic, et al. is the fire Mourinho just lit underneath your feet.  Better get to work!

Mourinho spent much of his first season back at Chelsea talking about creating a winning attitude and mentality in the squad, and that was with the likes of Lampard, Cech, and A.Cole (and, later, Drogba) still hanging around.  Nowadays, only three remain from the Chelsea Old Guard -- and maybe just two, as Ivanovic is a bit of a generous inclusion in that category.  The new generation may have won the Premier League last year, but the road only gets harder from there on, not easier.  Whatever it is that's holding them back on the pitch needs to be exorcised right quick.

Before it's too late.

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