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Newcastle United vs. Chelsea, Player Ratings: Two obvious standouts

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1. RAMIRES - AM 8.4
Minutes played18
Ramires and Willian, Willian and Ramires, that dynamic duo of game-changing super-prowess.  Said no one ever.  Yet here we are, a point richer after a visit to St James' Park thanks largely to their efforts.

Ramires had 18 touches in 18 minutes, and managed to get himself a goal and a second opportunity that with a bit more luck would've been our game-winner.  He also set up Falcao for a great chance, though the striker's run was well offside and his finish was well shiiiii...pwormy.  Ramires also played a role in Willian's goal by being one of the (onside, which is key nowadays) runners onto the flighted ball into the Corridor of Uncertainty.

This is actually Ramires' third highest rating since the inception of the WAGNH Player Ratings (2012-13).  The 4-0 win away to Steaua two seasons ago (8.9) and the substitute appearance in the 8-0 demolition of Aston Villa three seasons ago (8.5) are the only two higher.

2. WILLIAN - AM 7.4
Minutes played30
The Robin to Ramires' Batman, Willian completed the Chelsea comeback with his third goal of the season.  Well, second goal, officially, plus the deflected cross against Swansea City.

All three goals that have come as a result of him putting foot to ball have been rather non-standard, though this is the second time he's repeated the trick of putting the ball into the Corridor mentioned above and getting the desired result.  Oscar did the same once already as well.  Boom, patterns!

Also, he sure loves a good cross-field ball, which makes his 100% passing numbers even more impressive.

Willian joins Costa, Oscar, and Pedro as leading scorers on the season with two goals.  That's not necessarily a good thing.

Minutes played90
I think you guys meant to vote for Branislav Ivanović here, rather than the full back who contributed almost nothing to the offense, often gave the ball away, and was repeatedly exposed by Newcastle attacks down his flank.

It's ok, we all get confused sometimes.  Plus, this silly exercise has always measured community sentiment far more accurately than actually player performance.  And who doesn't love Dave?  Quality name, after all.

Begović (6.6), Azpilicueta (6.8), Cahill (6.2), Zouma (5.1), Ivanović (4.0), Matić (4.5), Fàbregas (4.8), Hazard (5.8), Oscar (5.9), Pedro (5.1), Rémy (4.8)

Willian (7.4), Falcao (5.1), Ramires (8.4)


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