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Newcastle United 2-2 Chelsea, Premier League: Post-match reaction

Imagine if we actually tried to play for more than just the last 10+ minutes...

Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Ugh.  If we never have to play at St James' Park again, that'd be grand.  Newcastle can't get relegated fast enough.

Two more dropped points leaves Chelsea 15th.  The good vibes of the last week undone a bit, though the comeback from two down to draw helps restore some of it.  At least we no longer have the worst defensive record in the league.  Thanks, Sunderland!

  • The second half was almost all one-way traffic towards the Newcastle goal, but the game is about scoring goals and outside of two Remy headers (one of which was offside), and a Falcao chance (also offside) we didn't even come close, despite all the possession and all the passing.  To add insult to injury, Krul saved both offside point blank chances.
  • Ramires' long-range blast got our hopes up.  And then we finally started playing.  Hazard missed a great chance.  Pedro missed an even better one with a hilariously, ridiculously bad finish.  If only we actually tried to play for more than those 10 minutes...
  • AND THEN WE'RE BACK IN IT WITH WILLIAN FREE KICK INTO THE DANGER ZONE ... and Krul had to make another great save on Ramires' header.  Alas, there wasn't time for a third.  Who would've thought that Ramires would be the catalyst for a comeback?
  • Both Newcastle goals could've been prevented by better individual play.  Zouma had a brainfart to let the ball go to Perez and Fabregas's shocking marking left Wijnaldum wide open on the corner.  The perils of going man-to-man and relying on Fabregas to be one of the markers, I suppose.
  • Should be noted that Newcastle's second came after an uncalled foul on Hazard and a corner call when the ball didn't go out off of Azpilicueta.  But them's the breaks.  No excuse.
  • Martin Atkinson doesn't seem to like Hazard much.
  • Matic off before Fabregas tells you all you need to know about the influence he (Matic) was able to exert on the proceedings.  Not that Cesc was much better (see above).
  • Chelsea still "gained" two points on the league leaders thanks to City losing their second in a row, but this was beyond disappointing.  On the other hand, we gained one more point at St James' Park than we did last season.
  • Next up: Porto away.

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