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Mourinho blasts moaning, crying Premier League manager

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Over the years, Jose Mourinho has found it very useful to deflect attention away from his players by creating a bit of controversy involving himself, and other Premier League managers. He's also gone out of his way to point out situations where Chelsea were treated differently than their rivals, making sure the story being reported moves in the direction that the Blues' manager would like.

On Friday, he did both at the same time, pointing out that one lucky manager doesn't have to deal with the same sort of expectations that his 19 Premier League colleagues do, and that he's not treated the same way by the FA as Mourinho and the rest of the league:

'In this country, only one manager is not under pressure, every other manager is. I am under pressure, Steve (McClaren) is under pressure, Pellegrini is under pressure, Brendan (Rodgers) too. We cannot be below par. We have to meet the objectives.'

'I have sympathy with all of them, because it's a difficult job. There's one outside that list, but good for him. I have sympathy for Steve.'

I'm sure most of us are a bit confused about who this manager without pressure is, but Mourinho isn't the type to name names. When asked to identify this lucky, lucky manager, Mourinho responded as follows:

'You know. The one who can speak about the referees before the game, after the game, can push people in the technical area, can moan, can cry in the morning in the afternoon, nothing happens. He can not achieve, keep his job, still be the king. I say just one.'

I wish I could figure out who Mourinho was talking about.

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