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FA continue anti-Chelsea campaign, steal goal from Eden Hazard

The FA saw this nice party and decided to ruin it
The FA saw this nice party and decided to ruin it
Ian Walton/Getty Images

The home match against Arsenal was essentially perfect. Chelsea got three points, Kurt Zouma got his first Premier League goal, Diego Costa upset everyone and Eden Hazard managed to break his duck for the season. Unsurprisingly, the FA have taken it upon themselves to take the shine off the Costa troll-job, and now they're ruining Hazard's strike as well:

Hazard's had it tough enough this season (admittedly much of it his own doing) without having goals taken away as well. Sure, it might not technically have been 'on target' and therefore, by the letter of the law, might have been an 'own goal' -- Calum Chambers is good at those, eh? -- but, in this era of being angry at the FA for pretty much everything, I think everyone can agree that this proves still further that they're definitely out to get us.

It's still a goal for you in my heart, Eden.

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