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Mourinho praises youngsters, veterans for delivering 'good feeling' with League Cup win over Walsall

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A professional performance and a good result is all we could ever ask from match-up like the one yesterday in the third round of the League Cup.  Against lower league opposition even a blowout win would not lead to much praise or morale boost, but anything less than comfortable advancement could easily instill doubt in the squad.  That would be especially most unwelcome now, just as Chelsea have finally managed to put a couple good results together after the terrible start to the season.

"When you start the season with bad results like we have, we could not lose against a League One team. You can do that when the season is fantastic and you are top of the league, but to lose a game against a League One team now wouldn't be good for us. We don't need that bad feeling, we need good feelings. The team was strong and played well. I'm happy with the result and individually it was good for the players too."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

No repeat of Bradford City here!  No hint of the struggles away to Strawberry Shrewsbury Town!  Just a clean, straightforward win, that could've been even cleaner and straightforward-ier had Falcao gotten a bit luckier (or wasn't so Torresian at times) or if our defenders weren't intent on giving away silly fouls around the box.  That said, both Falcao and Terry did well in the manager's eyes.  Ivanović's place is not under threat, so he did not warrant a mention.

"John was solid, normal, no problem. We brought a good solid defence. The midfield was really good. Mikel and Ramires played amazingly well. It was a good game for Falcao, a good 90 mins - important for fitness. He worked a lot, ran a lot, moved a lot. He was in the game a lot. For the first time this season he was on the pitch for a long, long time so it was a good game for him."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Mikel was indeed imperious, and while Walsall gave Zinedine Obi Pirlo more time than he's possibly ever received in his career, even when they pressed him, he was busting out the moves.

Mourinho reserved special praise as well for the exciting Kenedy, who enjoyed his day out against League One opposition and in the process became our youngest goalscorer since Scott Sinclair scored in this same competition, in this same round, in our 4-0 win over Hull City in September 2007.  (Those pesky parallels with 07-08 just aren't going away, are they?  Though by this time back then, Avram Grant was in charge already.)

"Kenedy played well. He was having pain in one calf, so I had to take him off, but a nice performance for him, good experience, more minutes on the pitch. It was good for all of them."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Perhaps the one disappointment was that it was not Bertrand Traoré  who came on, though that's a minor complaint in a match full of positives.  (And Pedro did get his goal, which will be nice for him.)  Three wins on the bounce; flying high into Newcastle where many a dream has come crashing down before.  Suddenly, we can almost feel confident of that not happening this time around.  Almost...

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