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Mourinho sings 'fantastic' Diego Costa's praises

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Jose Mourinho isn't getting carried away by two wins on the bounce, just like he wasn't panicking after a couple bad results.  What he has wasted no time in talking about repeatedly and glowingly is Diego Costa's performance.  As the media and the rest of the footballing world rages against the evil evildoer doing evil evildoer things in an evil evildoer way, Mourinho has been busy singing the evil evildoer's praises.

"To play against an attacking player that is aggressive, that goes to every ball, that fights for every ball, that is physical, is difficult. We have lots of these players in this country and it is difficult to play against them."

"It is difficult to play against [Diego], it is difficult to play against Wayne Rooney, Christian Benteke, Luis Suarez or Gonzalo Higuain. It is difficult to play against people with this aggression, people that want to score but when they lose the ball want to press, want to defend and compete for every ball. It's because of these players that football is what football is, with so much passion around it, because they create passion."

Passion (and the lack thereof) have been major themes for the Chelsea manager as we struggle to gain a proper foothold in this new season.  He's brought up rugby multiple times as a positive example — apparently he really likes the sport (unlike badminton) and the World Cup that's going on right now — and how we could learn a thing or two from the passion associated with it  He's even criticized himself, telling reporters not too long ago that he needed to get back on a gym routine to get back in shape.  Throw in a new haircut, a clean shave, and some sharp suits, and suddenly we've got two wins in two!  Sometimes, it's the little things.

Of course, none that really matters anywhere near as much as what happens on the pitch.  Contrary to most reports, an actual football match with football things occurring was played, too, on Saturday, and we were much improved in that regard as well.  Costa was central* to those efforts as well.

"When you work the way he did [against Arsenal] - his movement, his creation - he was fantastic. He is popular, it is normal that he is popular. He is a great guy, he is a great professional, he likes to win."

We supposedly will find out today if The FA decide to go after Costa for any of his actions in the match against Koscielny, Gabriel, or Arsenal in general.  Many are baying for blood, some don't think anything will happen.  We'll know soon.

Regardless, Costa's name will echo through Stamford Bridge.

* And, as we've heard repeatedly, Costa is supposedly the biggest jokester in the dressing room, too.  A player you love to have on your team, and absolutely hate going up against.

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