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Diego Costa was worried before the Arsenal match about not deserving Chelsea fans' unconditional support


We've all heard the chant, rising like a call to battle from the stands whenever Diego Costa scores or does something Diego Costa-esque.  Especially when he does something Diego Costa-esque.


Sir Alex Ferguson once said that (Chelsea legend) Dennis Wise could start a fight in an empty room.  Diego Costa is how you say Dennis Wise in Portuguese.


It's so simple, even your grandma can join in.  Though we have no word on whether our very own Jake Cohen joined in.


Ahead of the Arsenal match, there was a short interview with the Chelsea striker in the Guardian.  He had already declared his intention to go to war against the Gunners, to help improve our results, but this one revealed another, perhaps more personal motivation as well.

"I don't know if I deserve the fantastic support that they give me every game.  I often don't do anything and the fans still chant my name. They treat me very well and I'm very grateful for that. As I said, I don't know how much I deserve it."

"It's very important for the players to feel the warmth and support of the fans. That can often win you games. If you see the fans are there supporting you, it's like having an extra player. It creates a special feeling inside when the fans are supporting you and making lots of noise. I hope the fans will be full of passion [against Arsenal] and transmit that energy to us that we need at the moment. We need their support and energy."

-Diego Costa; source: Guardian

The fans in the stadium certainly did their part on Saturday, as did Costa, even though he did not get on the scoresheet.  His style's certainly not everyone's cup of tea (especially not the opposition's), but as long as he manages to toe the line as effectively as he has so far in his career, as long as he manages to maintain his "edge" without going over it — he collects his fair share of yellows, but hardly any reds (none since 2012) — he will be receiving plenty more love from us.


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