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Chelsea wonderkid Jeremie Boga's buyout is a whopping €40m -- report

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Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

There were a few bemusing moves made by Chelsea in the summer transfer window just ended, but perhaps none so head-scratching as Jeremie Boga's loan to Rennes.  Not that we didn't expect the highly promising 18-year-old to hit the loan circuit, but the reports of the Ligue 1 club successfully negotiating a buy-option certainly caused a bit of concern.  Had we already given up on Boga?  Was the kid unhappy for whatever reason?  Did we at least include a buy-back?

While those questions are either unfounded or unanswerable at this time, one thing seems certain: the buy-option is very high.  How high?  A local source claims €40m.

That is indeed very high, perhaps prohibitively so for a mid-table Ligue 1 side.  Of course, Rennes are owned by a multi-billionaire, but unlike other multi-billionaires, he doesn't seem too keen to waste his money on football.  For what it's worth, the report does not seem to expect the buy-out to be met, even if Boga does really well.  Which, we all assume, he will.  He is pretty darn fantastic already, after all, and should only get better.