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Wenger calls Costa 'disgusting', Mourinho names him 'Man of the Match'

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Jose Mourinho's Chelsea side did what they (almost) always do to Arsene Wenger's Arsenal on Saturday, keeping a clean sheet, and coming away from the match at Stamford Bridge with all three points. Wenger also did what he usually does following the derby, pointing out that his side were put at a disadvantage because of the referee:

'I would not like to be Mike Dean tonight. Costa twice should be sent off. He hits him [Koscielny] in the face on purpose.  In every game he has aggravation and he gets away with it because of the weakness of the referee. We knew before the game he is only looking at that.'

'Gabriel should not have responded at all but the two sending offs for us and Costa staying on the pitch is a shame.'

To some extent, I'd agree with Wenger here. Costa certainly could have seen more than yellow for his contact with Koscielny, though more often than not, that sort of contact doesn't wind up drawing a red card. Kicking out at a player seconds after being yellow carded and while every eye in the stadium (including Mike Dean's) is on you will draw red every time though, something which Mourinho was eager to note:

‘I played against Arsenal many times and only once he didn’t moan. That day we lost the game, we lost the cup (Community Shield). It wasn’t good for us but we behaved in a fantastic way. No excuses, no crying, no moaning. I played my first derby in September 2000, Benfica against Sporting. I told my players before the game you need emotional control.'

'I’ve played derbies in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England and you don’t win derbies without emotional control, it’s a basic thing. I think you should speak about Gabriel and his mistake. Diego Costa played like he has to play. That’s why you have full stadiums and you sell the game around the world for millions, because the game has to be played like that. That’s why tomorrow I will go to a game which is comparable in terms of passion and dedication, New Zealand against Argentina, I love it. Diego was fantastic, Man of the Match for me.'

I certainly wouldn't name Costa as my Man of the Match, as incitement aside, he didn't really have much of an impact. That said, it was some top class incitement.

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