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Chelsea vs. Arsenal, Premier League: Half-time report

Scoreless. But Arsenal down to 10.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Well, not bad.  Not bad at all.  Could be better.  We could shoot a bit more.  We could give the ball away less often in our own half.  Pedro could've had a better touch on Fabregas's glorious ball over the top.  Hazard could've gotten the penalty call, as he probably should've.

But not bad.  A couple semi-scary Walcott and Sanchez moments aside, we've kept Arsenal quiet, dominated possession and consigned the visitors firmly to second-best.  Of course, none of that matters much without goals and goals is what we need.

So, more of the same, please, but with an end product.


P.S.:  Diego Costa is a right ass, and just when I think he's gone over the top, he gets Gabriel sent off.  LOL.


costa red

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