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Report: Dr. Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn set to return to Chelsea bench for Arsenal match

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More medical team news!  But this one of the far nicer variety.

Just as the report about a potential FA probe into the incident between Jose Mourinho and the medical team starts making the media rounds, here comes Matt Hughes of The Times with a report that both Dr. Eva Carneiro (who had supposedly been staying away from Cobham this whole time) and Jon Fearn (the man who still doesn't get much headline space) are set to return to the Chelsea bench this Saturday.

Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn, Chelsea's demoted medical duo, are close to resuming their first-team duties six weeks after being banished from the bench by José Mourinho. The club have been holding talks with the pair for the past week, and it is understood that a deal is close for them to return to the home dugout for the Barclays Premier League match against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

-source: Times

This report also claims that Fearn has continued to work at the training ground all along, continuing his non-matchday duties, and that while Carneiro has stayed away, she has been wanting to return to work as well.  There is a chance that even if a deal is worked out, Saturday may come too soon for this reversion to the norm — Carneiro has been out for over a month now, after all — but it sounds like both of them might be back on the bench sooner rather than later.  Should they not be ready, the matchday duties will be once again handled by Chris Hughes and Steven Hughes.

Matt Hughes (so many Hugheses!) claims that Mourinho will be asked about this development in today's press conference, though if I were a betting man, I'd say the question will be dismissed without an answer other than "we don't comment on internal staffing matters".  Either way, sounds like we might reach a (mostly) amicable resolution after all this entirely unnecessary nonsense.

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