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Diego Costa: 'There's nothing better than a game against Arsenal to win and fix this situation'

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Diego Costa is ready to go to war against Arsenal, and we should follow him.

While the Chelsea striker didn't quite get the rest against Maccabi Tel-Aviv that one would've imagined he would based on the starting lineups, his extended substitute appearance at least brought a lovely goal (from a Fabregas assist nonetheless!) and these wonderful moments where he's applauding and encouraging Hazard's efforts along with the crowd.

Neither Hazard nor Costa have hit full flow yet this season (for club or country, for that matter), but there were signs of improvement towards the end of Wednesday's game, even if Hazard was growing visibly frustrated.  On the plus side, at least that means he still cares and he's committed to getting things right.  And with Costa playing cheerleader, there should be no motivational or confidence issues either.

Then again, as Costa would have use believe, it may have been a bit too much confidence in the first place that has caused our terrible start.

"The players are to blame. We may have believed that after winning the title last season this year would be the same. But the Premier League doesn't work like that. The teams have bolstered and are always improving. It is the same case for myself."

"Last year was good and I maybe thought that this season was going to be the same without doing more but a player always has to improve. Perhaps there have been too much self-confidence. We know we can give much more than we are giving."

"The boss knows we are disappointed but the atmosphere in the dressing room is still great. He is showing us that he trusts in us to turnaround the situation."

-Diego Costa; source: IB Times via Yahoo

So, from overconfidence to lack of confidence to, now, the proper amount of confidence?  Would be just the perfect time to find the right level, ahead of Arsenal's visit Saturday lunchtime.

"There's nothing better than a game against Arsenal to win and fix this situation. If we win then we'll take a step forward in terms of confidence and points; we know about the importance of the game. We have to remain calm. We have enough quality to fix the situation.

"We know we are in a tough situation right now so, to fix it, we have to win games. The fact we won [against Tel-Aviv] is important to get confidence ahead of the next game here at Stamford Bridge in front of our fans. We know we have to give a little bit more; we are the champions of England and conquered the title last year with the same players we have now."

"We are the same ones but we do know we have to give that extra little bit of ourselves - the manager demands it. We have quality and players to fix this situation."

-Diego Costa; source: Goal

Confident words from the fan favorite, who also once again dismissed any notion of going back to Atlético this past summer or anytime soon and claimed that while he'd love to score 50 goals, as long as Chelsea win, he'll be more than happy.  Then again, if he does score 50 goals (or even 30, or even 20), we'll be winning plenty of matches.  So let's get to it.

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