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Mourinho denies Terry rift invented by Steven Gerrard

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Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Apparently, Steven Gerrard's got quite the imagination.  One must wonder if any of the stories so willingly published in his (ghost-written) autobiography are based on similar conjectures and half-truths as the one he invented Wednesday night while serving as pundit on BT Sport.  (Shouldn't he be, you know, in LA, getting ready for a Galaxy match or something?)

A bit of friction behind the scenes!  Like that time Gerrard got mad at Rodgers and Benitez (and Stuart Pearce, too!), but didn't do anything about it until writing a few passive aggressive paragraphs in his book?  Mourinho drops Terry, a player who's spent the last couple seasons repeatedly talking about being ready for just such an eventuality, to the bench for a game and suddenly there's friction?  Do me a favor, Stevie G.  Can you just talk about that time you bawled your eyes out in the back of the car after the slip again?  That was funnier.

In any case, since Mourinho has more respect for the former Liverpool man than I, he saw fit to put "Steven" nicely back into his place.

"Steven is wrong. I have a very good relationship with him. Sometimes we contact by SMS. But he's wrong, because we have no problems."

-Jose Mourinho; source: ESPN

He later followed that up by texting 'LOL' and a picture of three Premier League trophies.

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