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Willian limps off injured in the first half against Maccabi Tel-Aviv

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

Obviously it's far too early for any sort of proper diagnosis or prognosis, but Chelsea winger Willian limped off with an apparent hamstring injury in the first half against Maccabi Tel-Aviv.  He was replaced by Diego Costa with Loic Remy sliding out to the right flank.

It was especially unfortunate as Willian had started quite brightly in the opening match of our Champions League group stage adventure, dominating Maccabi's left back and drawing a penalty from their young goalkeeper as well.  Which Hazard proceeded to miss in a rather shocking fashion.  So Willian took matters into his own hands, and curled a free kick past goalkeeper Rajkovic.  The 20-year-old was stranded, expecting a touch from the runners.  Instead, the ball bounded past him and into the far corner.

As we've learned over the past few seasons, hamstrings can be some of the most annoying injuries out there.  News as we get them on the official status of it; for now, let's hope it's not too serious.