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WATCH: Mourinho tells BBC journalist to go on Google instead of asking stupid questions

I suppose managers know what they're getting themselves into when they decide to enter the profession. They know that especially at the top level, they will have to face the media at least a couple times a week. They know that the media live for a juicy quote or two. And they know that members of the media will do their utmost to get them at just about any cost at just about every single press conference. Even if they have to be obnoxious, obtuse, or just plain stupid about it.

With that in mind, Ben Smith's behavior is probably not at all uncommon.

Ben Smith, just another Internet troll. Except he's also armed with a notepad and BBC credentials. I'm surprised managers (not just Mourinho) don't lose it more often in the face of such rampant trolling and baiting more often.

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