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Chelsea gets initial local council approval for stadium expansion - report

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Amidst Chelsea's purchase of a brand new stadium for our women's and youth teams, we also have good news for our main ground plans. According to a BBC Sport report, the Hammersmith and Fulham Council - which overlooks the area in which Stamford Bridge is located - has sent its initial support to any development plans for Stamford Bridge, as long as it meets certain conditions.

While this isn't as exciting as having the stadium in the works for the expansion, it seems to be in tune of a timetable reported by Dan Levene a few days ago in an article for Eurosport, where he detailed the political embroilments as to why Chelsea want to have everything approved for stadium plans as quickly as they can.

This is only one of the first steps towards a brand new Stamford Bridge, one which we might not even call Stamford Bridge anymore; but it is good news, nonetheless.

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