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Oscar and Baba Rahman to feature midweek

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Oscar is perhaps the only important player from Chelsea's title-winning season not to have embarrassed themselves so far this year, and that's mostly because he's been injured. Out for four matches on the bounce, the Brazilian will now get a chance to join his teammates in rampant ignominy. Oh, and he'll have a new friend while he's at it:

Baba Rahman coming into the squad is fun news, especially for the many of you who've decided that getting rid of Branislav Ivanovic is the cure to what ails the squad (although it probably isn't, there's no doubt that Ivanovic's form is bad enough to give him a rest). But it's Oscar who really matters here. As the glue who holds the attack and defence together, he could be what we've been missing this whole time, and his return may well give the team a big shot in the arm.

There are worse things than hope ...

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