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Chelsea vs. Maccabi Tel-Aviv: You choose the squad

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Stu Forster/Getty Images

Chelsea will look to get their season back on track on Wednesday evening, as they kick off their 2015/16 Champions League campaign. Their first match of the group stage will be at Stamford Bridge, when the Blues take on Maccabi Tel-Aviv.

While Jose Mourinho's side have been playing very poorly to start the new season, on paper, Maccabi at home is one of the easiest fixtures that the club is likely to get this season. It should be an opportunity for the Blues to correct some of their many mistakes, of late, and for the manager to rotate the squad a bit.

Today, however, we're less concerned with what Jose Mourinho will do on Wednesday, and more concerned about what the WAGNH community would like to see him try. Please fill out the attached form letting us know who you'd select if placed in change of the lineups, and keep up on the results by clicking this link.