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Asmir Begovic joins the hopeful Chelsea chorus: 'We cannot feel sorry for ourselves'

Julian Finney/Getty Images

More hopeful words from the Chelsea camp as we lick our wounds from the latest setback.

Of course, talk is cheap.  But until the next game — which, thankfully, will be here in just a couple days — this is all we have.  So, take it away, Asmir Begovic.

"It is a case of getting going, [getting the] season back on track and a good result on Wednesday will get the confidence going again - we need a boost at the moment and hopefully it will come soon."

Much emphasis on the Israeli league champions' visit then.  It doesn't even have to be a blowout.  Any win will do.

"We just need to get going and get a decent result on Wednesday. Arsenal is a big game and one we look forward to . But we cannot look past Wednesday as we want to start Wednesday on a good note. Maccabi will be a good test and it won't be easy. We need a few days to get ready, dust ourselves down and kick on."

Begovic has only been here for a few weeks, but he speaks as a leader already.  And he will have to be one as our starting goalkeeper for the foreseeable future.

"No-one was kicking off in the dressing room - nothing. We had to pick ourselves up. There are lots of games to go, we cannot feel sorry for ourselves or points fingers. We will get that good feeling through the squad again."

"I think we still have good character, guys who believe in themselves, guys who can make a difference and guys who have a lot of confidence. Sometimes, that can be an issue."

"We have characters and we will not hang our heads, football is like this and you have your bad spells. We will get it out of our system, kick on and get stronger and stronger as the season goes on."

"We have confidence in this dressing room, guys know we can go on a big run. Once thing start clicking for us, psychologically, mentally, physically, we can be a very powerful team and everyone knows that."

Well, at least that's exactly what we keep telling ourselves.  So let's make it happen.

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