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Matic talks about confidence, emotions in the Chelsea dressing room after Everton loss

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I guess the good thing is that we — we as in the players and the manager — seem to be united, in general terms, over what needs to done to get the team out of this miserable rut.  Not talking specifics like lineup changes (not that players or even managers should ever really comment about that in public), but the overarching theme has definitely been about confidence, or the lack thereof and what needs to happen to get it back.

"It's good we have another game in a couple of days against Maccabi. We have to win, for our own confidence and for the fans. Then we have a derby against Arsenal, so I hope we will be ready for that and we can take three points."

-Nemanja Matic; source: Chelsea FC

We seem to all agree that the best way to restore confidence is to win.  Of course, it's tough to win without having much confidence in the first place.  So it's not a foolproof solution, but it's the best we've got.  And it has to work.  It has to!  Failure is not really an option at this point.

Matic, who's been a shadow of his former self like most of the rest of the squad, also added his voice to those who felt that we "deserved" to get something more out of yesterday's match.  While I don't particularly subscribe to the concept of "deserving" things in sport — you deserve what you get — others tend to, so here's what Matic had to say about the Everton loss.

"Of course we are not happy. Everybody is sad because of the result. Obviously we feel bad. We are in a difficult moment, and having four points after five games is not normal for our team."

"If you saw this game, I cannot say we deserved to win but we deserved a draw."

"Chelsea are not used to being on runs like we are at the moment but this is the reality. We have to work hard to get our game back to the way we played last season. I really don't know what's happened but it's not good for us and we need to see what we can do better as a team."

-Nemanja Matic; source: Chelsea FC

Sad?  SAD!?  How useless.  Don't be sad.  Get mad!  Be the heroes once again.  Leave the sadness to fans like me.

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