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Mourinho not blaming anyone for 'worst results' of his career

"I am responsible for the team ... and I'm not happy with the situation and I'm not happy with myself."

Stu Forster/Getty Images

The runaway, on-fire freight train that is Chelsea's worst start to a season since 1988 shows no sign of slowing down, turning around, and at least thinking about heading in the other direction.  Periods of good play are regularly punctuated by utter shambles.  Red cards, conceded hat-tricks, back-to-back defeats.  Players who drove the team to the Premier League title suddenly can't make simple passes, make consistently good decisions, get shots on target.  It's the worst of everything.

What's a manager to do in this situation?  If you're Mourinho, you look forward to tomorrow.

Placing blame is of course not the same as taking responsibility.  (Which he does do.)

We used to say that one of Mourinho's greatest qualities is protecting his own players.  In that vein, expecting him to throw the team under the bus is a non-starter.  Especially with another game coming up in a couple days.  He'll blame anything, everything else, if at all remotely possible.  This time it's mostly just luck that's bearing the brunt of the public blame.  And in a way, everything is indeed going against us.

"The results are going wrong too wrong for our quality and for our status too wrong for what the players deserve. The players deserve more than the results they are getting - it is easy for people to criticise me and the players and everything is wrong but I disagree completely."

"I am a champion so are the players the way they are playing is not as bad as the results but in every game everything goes against us."

"I do not feel under pressure - these are the worst results ever in my career they do not reflect my quality or status but I can cope with the situation."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Goal

You might agree with him, you might not.  All managers try to create a reality distortion field, though at the moment, thanks to our results, Mourinho's isn't quite able to create one that's up to his usual standards.  Does he feel his job is under threat?  Perhaps.  But he still feels he's the best for the job.  And as long as he feels that way, and the players do as well, and the owner does as well, we'll probably be fine.  Eventually.  Maybe.

It's a bit of a nightmare at the moment however.

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