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FIFA confirm Fiorentina have submitted a complaint against Chelsea

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Just as Fiorentina chairman Daniel Prade claimed a few days ago, the Salah case has been entrusted to the incorruptible hands of FIFA, who have opened an investigation into the alleged breach of contract claim.

"We can confirm having received a claim from the Italian club, ACF Fiorentina, against the English club, Chelsea FC, and the player, Mohamed Salah Ghaly, for breach of contract. The matter is still pending and being investigated."

-FIFA spokesman; source: PA via ITV

Per Prade's claims, the results of this investigation are expected to be announced in December, with any sanctions to follow swiftly afterwards.  Unless the wronged parties appeal, which, I'd guess, is almost guaranteed given all the hullabaloo so far.

It still seems rather flabbergasting that a simple contract dispute has ended up in FIFA's court.  How hard could it possibly be to produce a signed piece of paper with the actual terms of the initial loan and option to renew said loan on it?  This is approaching Ed Woodward levels of incompetence...

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