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Jose Mourinho signs new contract

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Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho inherited a Chelsea in their worst shape since Roman Abramovich's takeover. The Blues hadn't seriously challenged for the league since the double in 2010, and had finished as low as sixth place two seasons later. And now, two years after his return to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea are champions again. Funny how that works.

You'd expect Mourinho to be rewarded for a job well done, and the rumours that he was about to sign an extension to his current contract with the club (due to expire after the 2016/17 season) have been floating around for months. But we can do better than rumours now:

Yep, the Special One is sticking around. He's maintained since he came back that he was going to be here until the owner didn't want him anymore, and committing himself for another four years is a pretty good way to demonstrate his sincerity. That's good news for Chelsea fans -- we have the best manager in the league and it looks like it'll stay that way for a long while yet.