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Mohamed Salah changes shirt number, claims deal is done

WAGNH's 2015/16 Season Preview

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Entranced by the sub-optimal 90 minute friendly at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday -- one which presumably was coupled with some front office discussions between Chelsea and Fiorentina -- we didn't even notice Mohamed Salah's absolutely Earth-shattering, world-changing tweet.

Presumably that means his move (loan with a forced buy next summer) to Roma is done, and is not just over-excitement at the ding of the microwave oven announcing that the Hot Pockets have reached tongue-burning temperature.  Salah also changed his Twitter bio -- the subtle subterfuge on display surely signifying a future career in cryptology once he hangs up his boots.

salah twitter

No one's going to figure that out for sure!

While his Twitter handle has remained @22mosalah, he has changed his profile picture to the number 11, which probably signifies the squad number he'll be taking with AS Ro..

Meanwhile, Salah's agent has been busy on social media as well, taking to Twitter to refute most of Fiorentina's threats over the past few weeks, specifically the parts that supposedly threatened to result in a 6 month ban for the player.

He also claimed that once this is all over, we'll get to learn all the juicy details.  Oh goody!

So, stayed tuned for 'Mohamed Salah: After the Final Rose'.  Until then, we await official confirmation from Chelsea, or Roma, or Fiorentina, or FIFA ... or we fuel our rockets and go to war.

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